Thursday, 28 November 2013

8 Ways with Bicarb in the Bathroom

1. Liquid bicarb, available here, uses the gentle but powerful cleaning properties of Bicarbonate of Soda to deep-clean surfaces such as sinks, and baths. Although the bicarb crystals are mildly abrasive, they are non-scratch, and can therefore be used on a variety of surfaces. I have found traditional liquid bicarb to be more effective than my usual multi-surface cleaner. 
2. Pour several spoonfuls of liquid bicarb directly onto stains in the toilet bowl and scrub well. Flush after waiting a few minutes.

3. If you have bath salts which you’re saving for a special occasion, why not make better use of them by making up your own bathroom freshener. Fill a small dish with bicarbonate of soda and your bath salts in equal amounts.

4. To relieve pain from mouth ulcers, use a mouthwash made of one teaspoon bicarb in half a glass of water.

5. With a solution of 600ml warm water and 2 tsps bicarb, you can clean brushes and combs. Swish the brush or comb around in the solution, to loosen debris and product build-up, then allow to soak for about thirty minutes. Rinse well and allow to dry before using.

clean enough 300x2506. In a similar way, you can use bicarb to clean and freshen toothbrushes. Soak the brushes overnight every fortnight in a solution of 50ml water and 50g bicarb. Rinse thoroughly before use.

7. To soothe razor burns, dissolve a tablespoon bicarb in 200ml water and dab your skin with a cotton wool ball soaked in the solution.

8. If your plastic shower curtain is looking a bit mildewed, there’s no need to replace it. Put it in the washing machine along with two bath towels, on a low temperature wash. During the wash cycle, add 100g bicarb to the detergent. Add 100ml vinegar during the rinse cycle and allow to drip dry.


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